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I've been in your shoes, a million times over. Working with good people who were bad leaders.

So my mission is simple. I'm using my 15 years of experience to help your business avoid pitfalls and drama that come along with weak front-line leadership.

I'm not here to give you fluff. I came to help your front-line managers develop into the great leaders your business needs them to be.


- Joni, Lead Coach

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Find out how we can help your business grow through it's leadership.

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How to Build and Maintain Relationships

Work is always better when we have work friends right? Watch this video for some super quick tips on building and maintaining relationships at work. SUBSCRIBE!

Micro Managers, Let's Chat!


This one is for my micro managers because not all micro managers are bad leaders or bad people. These 3 power tips will help micro managers create better working relationships with their employees.

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