What is a Lifepreneur?

I'm not a big fan of the word entrepreneur because it doesn’t capture the true essence of who my personal followers and clients are. Most of my personal clients are hardworking people who just need solid directions towards their version of success. They have jobs, families and things they care deeply about. Most of them are not full-time business owners or self-employed workers and a lot of them will never be. They are however, what I call, full-time Lifepreneurs, people who are tired of waiting for opportunity to knock so they want to create their own opportunities. These are people who see themselves moving up the corporate ladder, expanding their side business, making personal deposits into their personal growth or just becoming a better leader or person in general.

These Lifepreneurs are the heart and soul of true happiness. They’re not rich, they don’t aspire to be rich they just aspire to make a difference, starting with their own life.

Lifepreneurs have been looked over many times and still have not lost their spirit. They’ve been turned down, disappointed, let down by others but they’re still moving ahead. Lifepreneurs are determined to reach that next level of success and they’ve come to a point where they realize they can’t do it alone. They realize that reaching the next level requires trusted support and different perspectives to help them balance things out.

I started the Lifepreneur movement for those people who naturally gravitate towards me who aren’t looking for the lime light, but who are ready to shine their own light. These are the silent leaders we pass every day, who aren’t waiting for their moment, but carefully prepping and preparing for their moment. 

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