Type: Workshop
Duration: 4hrs
Audience: Front-Line Leaders, Team Leaders
Outcome:Participants will learn how to effectively link coaching with motivation to achieve high performance. Participants will study the differences between a managers and coaches and how it relates to producing exceptional results. Participants will explore standard coaching models and determine which model best fits the needs of their team members.


General Outline:


Part I 
              Welcome/Introductions  • Brief introduction of facilitator, assistant and participants.  • Facilitator will introduce the learning topic and gather initial thoughts, experiences and perceptions around the topic. • Facilitator will briefly review the agenda and workshop ground rules. 
Part II 
              FUN! • Ice breaker challenge to gently infuse some fun and to set the tone for a high engaging, interactive session. 
Part III 
Key Topic Discussion (Interactive Lecture)  
• What is coaching • What is motivation • How does coaching relate to motivation • Differences between a Manager and a Coach • Qualities and Attributes of an effective Coach • What does coaching achieve for the business and team member? 
Part IV 
                 Interactive Learning Exercise #1 
Exercise #1 will provide participants with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned through a worksheet exercise and demonstration.   
Part V 
Key Topic Discussion Continued (Interactive Lecture) 
• Develop a coaching model  • When should a team member be coached? • How to observe and measure performance? • Selecting the appropriate coaching style • Arranging and Facilitating an effective coaching session  • Gaining your team member’s commitment to change 
Part VI 
Interactive Learning Exercise #2 
Exercise #2 will challenge participants to tie it all together through practical demonstration. 
Part VII 
Review key learning points, develop individual action plans for next steps 
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Coaching To Motivate Workshop

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    Recommended Audience: Front-line Leaders, Team Leaders

    Duration: 4hrs