Type: Workshop
Duration: 4hrs
Audience: Front-Line Leaders, Team Leaders
Outcome: Participants will be able to effectively connect with and engage difficult team members in a way that produces positive results. Learners will gain solid strategies for discovering what makes a team member difficult. How to separate “difficult” from attention seeking and how to get beneath the surface to build connections.


General Outline:


Part I 
              Welcome/Introductions  • Brief introduction of facilitator, assistant and participants.  • Facilitator will introduce the learning topic and gather initial thoughts, experiences and perceptions around the topic. • Facilitator will briefly review the agenda and workshop ground rules. 
Part II 
              FUN! • Ice breaker challenge to gently infuse some fun and to set the tone for a high engaging, interactive session. 
Part III 
Key Topic Discussion (Interactive Lecture)  
• Identifying “difficult” team members • What makes them “difficult” • Getting beneath the surface • Managing “what” makes them “difficult” • Communicating with your “difficult” team member 

Part IV 
                 Interactive Learning Exercise #1 
Exercise #1 will provide participants with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned through a worksheet exercise and demonstration.   
Part V 
Key Topic Discussion Continued (Interactive Lecture) 
• Clearing your mind to work with “difficult” team members • Know when to give space • Addressing tough issues gently  • Making “difficult” not so difficult  • Engaging to produce the desired results  
Part VI 
Interactive Learning Exercise #2 
Exercise #2 will challenge participants to tie it all together through practical demonstration. 
Part VII 
Review key learning points, develop individual action plans for next steps 
Question & Answer  

Connecting with Difficult Team Members Workshop

  • Price: $499.99pp

    Recommended Audience: Front-line Leaders, Team Leaders

    Duration: 4hrs