Are you looking to gain more control over your life and career?

Do you need structure and a plan to move your life and career forward?

Are you sick and tired of dreaming of better but never truly finding the will or motivation to get started?

Or have you ever felt like you have no idea where to start?


The good news is this, my new leadership coaching program will help you conquer all that and more. There’s no set agenda because you ARE the agenda. You will receive a personalized coaching plan around your goals and expert guidance on helping you reach those goals.


You will work one on one with me, Joni Holifield, to create your action plan and road map to success. Together we will map out accountability measures and strategies for overcoming obstacles.

This is a HIGH ACCOUNTABILITY program. Do not subscribe if you are not already in the mindset of taking massive action to move forward in your life. This isn’t about your satisfaction, this is about your success. So YES, this will be hard work and while we are doing it together, the bulk of the burden to execute will fall on YOU.


This program is for serious leaders only. People who are ready to take charge of their life and the direction of their career. Please do not subscribe if you are not serious about putting in the sweat equity to achieve your goals, I will kindly refer you to another service.


With this program, you will receive:


  • Personalized Goal sheet
  • Personalized Action plan
  • Initial pre-scheduled 1 hour discovery meeting (scheduled within 48hrs of active subscription)
  • One pre-scheduled 30min meeting (webcam or in person) every month
  • One 15minute pre-scheduled check-in phone conversation every month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited Text messaging support
  • Free impromptu phone conversations 
  • Personalized Goal sheet
  • Personalized Action plan


For the very best result we recommend at minimum, a 3-month commitment. Anything less than 3 months, we cannot guarantee you will reach the highest success point. All subscriptions are month to month and we proudly offer full refunds when you don’t hit your success goals! (this is provided you have done your part)


If you are ready to make serious life and career changes, make the initial investment and let's GO!!!!

One on One Monthly Leadership Coaching