6 ways to help your Team fight the Monday Blues

It's Monday morning again and you're thinking of ways to get your Team excited about the upcoming week and driving those performance numbers. You're up, ready to go and one by one your employees trickle in drenched in Monday Blues. You have deadlines to make and team goals to hit, what are you going to do? Execute the "super six" to help your employees shake the Monday Blues and start the week with top notch performance.

1. Greet everyone with a high five or handshake. Germ phobic Leaders, don't be alarmed. This is why you have those 20 bottles of hand sanitizer on your desk anyway lol. Get personal! Your Team members want to feel like more than just a number. Communication with touch adds a personalized feel and helps to create trust. Your Team will value the moment you spent greeting them and look for ways to express their gratitude.

2. Share something exciting about your weekend and ask them about their weekend. Team members love to talk about everything except for work lol. Use this to your advantage by engaging them in conversation that is non-threatening and relaxing. Don't worry, you're secretly gaining trust and building up your right to "ask" for stuff later. Your team members will be less resistant and more open to getting things done for you because no guards are up and you're no longer just the manager, you're one of them.

3. Get your hands dirty. People follow Leaders who help carry the load. Pick up a broom, assist a customer, offer to help a team member carry bags to the stock room. Whatever is applicable to your work environment and will take you less than 5mins to complete- do it! Working outside of your job function shows that you're not on a "high horse" and that you care enough to lend a hand when you can. Your team members will appreciate your support and look for ways to do a little more outside of normal expectations resulting in higher performance.

4. Communicate what you need. That old saying "closed mouths don't get fed" couldn't be any truer in a case like this. Team members who are loyal to you want to do a good job for you and believe it or not, even those team members who aren't necessarily loyal still have an interest to get things done for a leader they respect. Don't rally the troops for flavor of the month targets, call attention to specific actions that will help you achieve the target goals. Keep it simple, speak with sincerity and humbleness, give an example, model the behavior, state what outcome you need and watch the Team bring it home.

5. Acknowledge last week's big wins. No one wants to work for someone who never acknowledges what went right. Find something to congratulate the team on. This could be something as simple as receiving a customer letter of appreciation or meeting sales quota for a particular line of business. Whatever it is, make it a big deal and use the opportunity to show your appreciation for the team and their efforts. They'll crave more and will want to give you something to brag about next week.

6. Have fun! Yes, I said it, FUN! That forbidden pleasure in the work place can be one of your most powerful weapons when used properly. People don't mind extra work when they're having fun and you're more likely to boost your morale when hard work doesn't have the awful after taste of hard - boring work. So lighten up, crack a joke, join in the laughter, promote friendly competition. Your team will be more than happy to buckle down and go the extra mile for you.

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