Hate your job? Know someone who does? Read this…

The sad reality is more and more hard-working Americans are waking up 5 days a week, going to jobs that they hate. And the reason why? Well, it’s the same reason most of us conquer the world daily, they have responsibilities and obligations that won’t allow them the opportunity to just be free.

And why am I telling you this you might be asking yourself. Because if you’re in a leadership position at your place of business, you have the power to change this ugly truth even if you don’t realize it. Studies have proven that 9 out of 10 times, employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Miserable, micro-managing, under-developed managers are the number one reason good employees leave their jobs.

With millennials taking over the workplace and refusing to stay in the boxes created by boomers and bent by gen y & x’ers, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep them happy and stable due to their “jump ship” mentally. The lifestyle and mindset of an entrepreneur has become their alma mater of life. With the best of the best leaving your business to take their God given talents directly to consumers, here are a few tips on how you can turn your business into a fruitful environment that actually attracts and RETAINS the best talent in the millennial age.

1. Dump or Develop your bad bosses. If a certain manager is receiving multiple complaints from different employees, it’s not the employee – it’s the manager and you need to deal with it. Nothing will kill your work culture faster than a bad boss who is making everyone miserable. Your bad employees will test the waters and fan the flames to take the attention away from them. Your good employees will try their best to stay clear only to get hit in the back every single time they fall out of line. And your best employees, oh your best employees are quietly planning their escape, did I say quietly? The ownership is on you to not ignore the problem and to fix it. Sometimes a quality leadership development plan will fix your bad boss and sometimes you’ll just have to help them becomes successful elsewhere. Ignoring or failing to address the problem will only create a work culture incapable of producing healthy business results and consistently running off your best talent.

2. Create a work culture employees can believe in. This is a tall order but it makes all the difference between an employee who shows up for the paycheck and one who shows up to make a meaningful impact in the business. When I created the Lifepreneur series I thought about those individuals who gravitated towards me out of frustration, anger and resentment towards their jobs. Most of them loved the line of work but hated the barriers and chains created by the managers and supervisors. They wanted out and they understood that self-development and self-investment would be a big part of their exit plan. These hardworking, loving, caring souls were who I deemed to be Lifepreneurs. While they didn’t want to necessarily take on the task of owning a business, they did however want to own their life. They wanted to be in control and they wanted to feel like their work, sweat and sacrifice away from their families was not in vein. These cream of the crop performers inspired the Lifepreneur work culture where we actually come to your work site and teach people how to take back control of their lives while tying in your business mission. When you allow us to help you create a Lifepreneur work culture you’re helping your employees see your business as their own and learn how to connect their personal goals to that of your company. It’s a different feeling in the air when employees are excited to show up and they actually want to push themselves towards their full potential. All of a sudden business performance is up, customer satisfaction is up, sales are up and leaders are growing more leaders. Contact me personally if you want to discuss creating a Lifepreneur culture at your place of business.

3. Invest in your employees. If you don’t see or understand the value in investing in your employees, stop right here and go have a REAL conversation with one of your front-line employees. Nothing is holding them there besides their responsibility as an adult and once they discover a comparable opportunity, consider them gone. There goes your recruitment dollars, training dollars and equipment capital just like that. You end up wasting more money on the front end and not ever truly regaining the initial investment because you failed to make investing part of your long-term strategy. Your employees want to grow and they want to feel like they are more than just a performance number. If you want people to put their heart and soul into their work, you have to invest in the person. There’s no way around it. People give their best to companies who pour into them. If you’re stuck on where to begin creating a meaningful investment or development strategy for your employees, let me know and I’ll provide you with some suggestions on the house. The fact is, something is better than nothing but approaching this in a meaningful way is what will make all the difference.

There are so many other reason why employees hate their jobs and so many other solutions. We could talk for 28 nights straight just exploring the possibilities. If you feel like I missed an important one, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment under this post. I would love to include your suggestion in a future article or talk about it right here.

Lifepreneurship is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s a way to engage your employees and to make them feel like the business belongs to them. When they own their life, they can be better stewards for your business. Contact me today to talk about how we can help you create a Lifepreneur work culture for your business.

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