Developing Front-Line Leaders


The Face of your Front-Line Leadership Team is not what it was 50 years ago. So why are you still just Training your Team?

To have effective Managers Leading your Front-Line Teams, your business needs much more than a "Leadership Training Program". You need Personal Development that will help your Managers find themselves first, understand key Leadership traits and confidently build relationships that motivate and inspire others. 

Are You Happy That Your Employees Are Miserable?

Do your front-line employees HATE their job? Are you receiving constant complaints about poor management and unfair treatment from supervisors? Are your best employees leaving your company to work for the competition? Are you spending more than you have to on training because your attrition is out of control? Are your hardest workers miserable at work? Is your business bleeding customers due to careless mistakes and lack of follow up?

If your business always feels like a rainy Monday for your employees the bad news is by the time you finish reading this another one of your employees will have mentally checked out of the business.

The good news is, I can tell you right now in just two words what your issue is and how to solve it, ready?

Poor Leadership.

Call ME! We help clients just like you every single day get rid of all the pollution in their work environments and create high engagement, people focused, top performing environments through Great Leadership. The link to all of your work culture issues is the front-line leadership team and you MUST invest in their professional & personal development to fix it.


While they may be good managers, they are not great leaders. Invest in their development today and we'll help you turn those managers into great leaders, IMMEDIATELY. 

Joni Holifield

Lead Coach

Leadership Development Programs Built On





Are Your Managers Leaders?


Don't let your business suffocate from weak front-line leadership.

If you're like many business owners and department Leaders you understand the challenge of promoting an exceptional employee into a Front-Line position only to be frustrated by their true lack of Leadership skills.

Did you make a bad hire? Was the employee not ready for the role? Is the job too much?

All of these questions you ask yourself trying to figure out what went wrong.


Well, the answer is simple my friend.

You hired a manager before developing a Leader. We can help. View our workshop options.